Tuesday, October 21, 2014


There were chess-pieces three:  
Two of them were queens,  
The third one but a pawn.

The queens had all the moves,
Panache and good elan;
They fought till ghastly sea

Turned blood in every wee.
Odalisks of their clans
Cheered them on and on.

The king mighty observes
From his chequered throne:
What mire! What pity!

The war worsened: every
Sword in clam'ring tones,
The moors imbued sanguine.

And lo, suddenly queens
Both fall mutually slain.
The noises cease quickly

As someone shuts the board.
The war was done, mated.
The game long since ended.

Surprised, a life began:
The king had become pawn;
The pawn, a headstrong queen.

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